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Zoey 101 Challenges for Fan Fiction Authors
"Zoey 101 Fan Challenges" is a community designed to challenge talented fanfiction authors to create unique and creative stories about Zoey 101.

We are just starting out, so rules are subject to change. To start off this community, we will be holding “Fanfiction Awards” to publicize the best of existing Zoey 101 stories. After that, a new challenge will be issued every few months, with a specific subject which authors are challenged to write about (i.e Christmas at PCA) or a specific character/pairing and list of items they are to write about (i.e Stacey Dillson, a rubber duck and a call from the CEO of Swabs ‘R Us).

All stories submitted to the challenges must abide by the following rules:

1) Stories must have a minimum word count of 100 words. There is no maximum. Feel free to write to your heart’s content.

2) Stories submitted for challenges are due by specified date. No exceptions, sorry darlings.

3) We are currently not excepting stories with a rating higher than T (teen or PG-13). Exceptions made be made, provided the story still remains true to the show’s form. Please contact the moderator to request approval for submission.

4) Stories submitted may include any couple or character/s, as long as the main focus involves characters from the show. Stories with OCs are accepted.

5) You may only submit a story that is your own. If you didn’t write it, then you don’t own it.

6) All submitted entries must include the template provided below. An entry that does not use this format will be rejected until the entry’s errors have been fixed.

7) Stories submitted for challenges must be viewable through valid links from external websites. (Such as from fanfiction.net or your own LJ journal).

8) Only moderators are to post to this community, with the exception of authors introducing themselves and linking to their own work. Moderators are permitted to delete off-topic entries.

9) Stories submitted for challenges must be complete.

10) An author may submit one entry per challenge unless otherwise noted.

Any more specific details will be mentioned in each challenge post.

Challenges will work as so: a moderator will issue a new challenge through a post. Those who wish to submit their story for the challenge are to fill out the below template and include it in a comment. When the due date for submissions arrives, the moderator will post all challenge stories on one discussion and voters will be asked to choose their favorites (possibly top 3 or top 5, depending on the specific challenge). Votes will be collected, and when the expiration date arrives, whoever has received the most votes wins. (Votes are submitted anonymously.) The moderator will post a “Winners” discussion, which will reveal the winners and provide banners as awards. And then we start over again! :)

Please see our FAQ page if you have any questions.

Use this template when submitting your story:

Link to Story:

Word Count:

Thank you for supporting the community. We look forward to seeing your submissions. Have fun!

Sincerest, Song.